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Have experts handle your shrub pruning Rochester MN property owners. We provide residential and commercial services. Our skilled arborists will leave your landscaping looking flawless. Don’t rely on DIY shrub pruning; hire us to maintain your hedges! 

Priority Tree Service Rochester will save you time. We offer competitive prices and foster healthy branch and flower growth. Shrub pruning is recommended twice a year to prevent disease and death. 

Our arborists use the best techniques when cutting branches. Pruning services include all sizes and species of trees. We can enhance the exterior of your property by sculpting or thinning your hedges 

Hedge Trimming Services

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What is the Difference Between tree trimming services Rochester and Pruning Shrubs? 

Both techniques maintain shrub shape, health, and growth. However, the interchangeable terms refer to different methods. Trimming is cutting small branches and shoots from a shrub. The act is done to maintain the shape and size of the tree. Trimming also removes dead, diseased, or damaged branches. Our arborists care for the tree’s health and can make it look more attractive. Also, in landscaping, cutting can stop encroachment onto other areas. We use advanced shears to neaten and nurture the shrub 

Pruning, on the other hand, is a more intensive form of trimming. This method removes larger branches and shoots. The shrub is shaped and set up for new growth or better health. Pruning also cuts out diseased or damaged stems. We prevent any illness from spreading to other plants. Our arborists use loppers, saws, or hedge trimmers. Pruning shrubs is a more intense technique.  

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