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Plant health care Rochester, or PHC, is an approach we take to maintain health and vitality. The service applies to trees, shrubs, and other woody and herbaceous plants. The goal of PHC is to promote growth and development. We do this while reducing the use of pesticides and other harmful chemicals. 

Plant health care is a set of preventive measures to diagnose and treat issues. PHC involves irrigation, fertilization, and pruning practices. Also included are proper planting and monitoring for pests and diseases. These preventative measures are vital in our health care services. 

Reactive measures address problems as they arise. Processes include biological controls, targeted pesticides, and other treatments. Our arborists take a holistic approach with care for the entire plant ecosystem. 

Measures include improving soil health and water quality. We also invite the presence of beneficial insects and other organisms. All of these aspects contribute to the health of the plants. 

PHC helps reduce the need for costly and environmentally damaging treatments. Our arborists work to promote a healthy and vibrant landscape. 

PHC Assessments 

An assessment determines the best path for plant health care Rochester. Trees, branches, shrubs, and flowers undergo an inspection. PHC starts by looking for unhealthy, diseased, and weak spots. Our arborists then devise a plan for the best solution for optimal care. 

We look at the overall condition of the structures and soil quality. Trunks, branches, shoots, and foliage are carefully assessed. It may be an issue of needing water or nutrients for healthy growth 

PHC prevents the spread of diseases onto plants in a landscaping space. Our arborists look for pests, bacteria, and fungal infections. We also look for potential safety hazards, like a tree about to fall.  

Trouble spots can damage property, cause personal injury, and dying plants. Over-trimming hedges, storms, wind, and neglect can create weakness. We identify the trouble spots and develop a PHC remedy. 

Contact Priority Tree Service Rochester for plant health care Rochester residents. Our local company will develop the best PHC plan. Request a quote or schedule an assessment of your landscaping.  

Residential and Commercial Treatments

Priority Tree Service Rochester

There’s no need to worry about your trees—we’re here to help!

At Priority Tree Service Rochester, we believe in helping people live a happy and healthy life, and we think that starts with looking after the plants they love. Our team of professional arborists are experts in plant health care Rochester, and we’ll work with you to find the right solutions for your needs. We know how important it is to have a healthy environment around you, and we’re here to help!

When you’re looking for tree services in Rochester MN, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the best.

We know that there are a lot of options out there—and that’s why we’ve made it our mission to ensure that you always get the best service possible. That’s why we offer plant health care Rochester services.

We do this by providing our customers with an in-depth analysis of their trees’ needs and then providing them with the tools they need to keep their trees healthy and happy.

Our goal is to help all of our customers have happy, healthy trees for years on end—and we think we can achieve this goal through our plant health care services.

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